playing roulette casino game- what you need to know

Casino game playing is one of the forms of entertainment that you can invest your money on, and yet you are earning money through winnings. It is equally notable to say that it has diverse types of games which you can choose from. It is in this light that I will want to let you have insight into one of those games, namely “ROULETTE.Roulette is a widely accepted casino game and widely accepted of all times. It is attractive to players the most, as their payout is 35 times more than its bet. As a player, you need to know that, especially if you are in either America or Europe, Roulette wheels are different in either of these two climes.It is therefore incumbent on you that you check and get to know that the kind of Roulette wheel you are playing.Specifically, Roulette wheels in Europe contain 36 numbers and one zero. Should you settle for this type of Roulette, have it mind that chances against you are odd – which is the house is provided an overall edge of 7.2%. In the Americas, a Roulette wheel contains 36 numbers, one zero and one double zero. This explains why this game is called double-zero wheels. Having double-zero wheels is odd against you and very bad as it will offer the house an overall edge of 5.25%.

Again, the European Roulette wheel is what is played all over the world and it features numbers that are read from inside outwards.playing rouletteThere is a difference between Roulette and the remnants of casino table games and this difference are evidenced by the fact that Roulette chips have no monetary value printed on them. They are usually marked and identified with the table they belong to.

The default denomination value of the chip is equivalent to the minimum of the table.Winnings are paid in the same color chips, or except where the players specifically requested for payment in standard casino chips. The uniqueness of the Roulette table is that it comes with six to eight sets of chips painted in different colors and each set contains 300 chips. Whenever you are about playing the game,

it is recommended that you start with checking on the numbers of zeros that appear on the wheel. It is the norm that the numbers that start from 1 to 36 are painted in alternating colors of red and black, and the zeros are always displayed in green color. What I will say is preferable for you, so that you have value for your money, is to look for a casino that offers single- zero wheel. The last thing you should do is to look for

the minimum and maximum bets allowed in the casino. There are some casinos that offer low betting limits, yet again there are others require a relatively high minimum bet. The caveat is that, be very careful when making a choice.PLACING THE BETThe norm is, if you are playing in the physical casino, other than playing online casino, what the players usually do is to place their own bets on the

  • layout or ask the croupier to place them. Again, please note that this rule does not apply to Neighbour Bets, which are placed by croupier only. In the game of Roulette, there are varieties that can be played. Some are listed for your option of choice.Meanwhile, I need to let you know that, if you are playing in the physical casino, let it be at the back of your mind that most casinos demand
  • that a player should at least bet five times the minimum on the Lines, Dozens and Even-Money bets. straight upWhen you make a straight up, your chips as a player are placed on a single number right in the middle of the number box, with the carefulness that it does not touch any line of the other box. It is also important to let you know that there is no limitation on the numbers of straight up you can make, not leaving out one zero
  • or double zero. If after all of these, you earn a winning, you will be paid 35-1 on your bet. split When you make such a bet, you will be covering two adjacent numbers and then your chips will be placed on the line in-between the two numbers you have chosen. Great to know that, if you win in the course of doing this, you will be entitled to be paid 17-1 on your bet by the house.
  • row Your bet which you placed is covering a row on three consecutive numbers. You are expected to place the chip on the right side of the three numbers. You will be paid 11-1 in case you win on the bet.FOUR NUMBER CORNERHere, as a player, you are expected to cover four numbers with a single chip. Yet in doing this, you must ensure that they are placed on the intersection of the numbers. Should you win, you will be

SIX NUMBERS Six numbers has a feature of double row bet and its implication is that you place your bet on the right line between two rows which you may wish to cover. If you will, the house will pay you 5-1 on your bet. I hope I have sufficiently elaborated enough to give much insight on how Roulette game in the casino is played. You are expected to have a considerable grip on whatever kind of game you want to play, Roulette is not an exception.

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